Merri & Ian :: Married

A good wedding is original – a unique expression of the couple.  Ian and Merri’s was just that...

A great wedding makes you cry... and smile

A fantastic wedding is watching a couple completely in love.

Merri and Ian’s wedding was all this and more.  I cried, I smiled and I snapped away...

I wasn’t their photographer, but I can’t go to a wedding without being shutter happy. Since becoming a wedding photographer, I experience weddings through the lens. Watching family and friends interact, seeing and capturing love all around me - it brings me an incredible amount of joy.

This wedding was all the more special because my handsome husband was the officient. He did an incredible job! I love watching him on stage, I feel a sense of pride and want to scream, “That’s my husband; I just love him!”

I’m a big dork for love, now you all know it ;)

Congratulations Ian and Merri! May your life together bring you more joy than you can hold!